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Storm Damage Insurance Claims Assistance in Houston & Surrounding Areas

The insurance claims process can be difficult, making it important to work with a professional company who understands the ins-and outs of this complex procedure. You will have peace knowing that they've got your back when dealing with all those tedious paperwork, details and high risk factors involved in making sure everything goes smoothly!

We're the team to call when your home has experienced water damage. We specialize in both preventative care and emergency repairs, so no matter what type of situation you find yourself facing we've got a plan for it! Our certified technicians are experience with all sorts of emergencies from burst pipes or sink backups - let us know how can help out today! Contact Eldridge Restoration at 832-371-9838 for an inspection and estimate.

Insurance Claim Concerns in Houston Texas

Fear: Homeowners in Texas pay a hefty price for their homes, with an annual average of $3429. But they're usually too afraid that if something were to go wrong while making this claim then rates will go up or they'll be canceled - which means most people don't even bother taking advantage of all the coverage options available!

Storm Damage Insurance Claims Assistance for the Houston Area

Not Filing a Valid Claim: When you file a valid claim, your rates will not go up. To avoid this from happening and other insurance policy schemes loopholes that might hurt you financially, we’ll take care of everything for you.

Filing an Unnecessary Claim: Homeowner’s insurance is for significant events like a fire, hail or wind storm, or a fallen tree on your home. That is, claim which is considerably more than the deductible (most contain a 1% or 2% deductible) to make it worth making the claim. But many fail to understand that and file minor damage claims (for example, theft of a bicycle or a single broken window) which can lead to high cost and complications in the long run.

Choosing the Wrong People/Company To File Your Claim: If you don't see much damage or aren’t sure what to look for, have a good restoration contractor perform an inspection. This will save unnecessary out-of pocket expenses and fruitless claims on your part!

Storm Chaser/Scammers: When the next big storm rolls in, be prepared to see a flurry of people at your door. These "storm chasers" may promise you all sorts of things: that they can save and protect what's already there from damage done by storms before or new construction projects; some will even offer free quotes for repairs! But these individuals are only interested in taking advantage as soon as possible - often asking cash up front. Some might create fake damages just so insurance companies would cover their services while others take full advantage when homeowners get overwhelmed with stress over potential losses when disaster hits home hardest.

Public Adjuster:It’s better to file the claim yourself or seek help from a restoration contractor. Public Adjusters are specially trained to assist you in filing and assessing your insurance claim, but they have no special ability to expedite a decision, can’t do much to improve the odds of approval, and they take 10% of your claim, possibly leaving you short of funds to complete repairs.

Not paying deductible: Failing to pay your deductible is probably the most common mistake homeowners make. Not only does it mean you may be committing insurance fraud, but also going along with this scheme could cause major problems for any future claims that need filing and processing through an insurer!

Accepting a denial: Many people are not aware that insurance companies routinely deny or underpay claims. This leaves many in a difficult situation due to the high cost and time-involvement of an appeal which only about 20% will challenge their claim's denial.

A Quality Restoration Contractor
Will Save You Time & Money

Water Mitigation, Roof Leaks, And Burst & Frozen Pipe Repair

After a disaster, we are here to help you get your home back together.

  • Water Mitigation
  • Fire Restoration
  • Textiles
  • Storm Damage / Hail Damage
  • IICRC Certified Master Restorer
Water Mitigation, Roof Leaks

Why Choose a Local Restoration Contractor to Assist with a Storm Damage Insurance Claim

Restoration Contractor
  • A restoration contractor who provides insurance assistance mostly does it for free.
  • A free inspection can help you determine the accurate level of storm damage done which then, in turn, can help you file a valid claim and avoid making invalid claims.
  • A local, licensed, insured and bonded storm-damaged restoration company will be more reliable and can be held more accountable than an outside contractor.
  • Reduces the expense of hiring a public adjuster.
  • Can help you with the understanding of the insurance claim process.

Insurance Claim Services Provided by Eldridge Restoration for Houston Area Residents

Insurance Claim Services Provided by Eldridge Restoration for Houston Area Residents
  • Direct Insurance Billing Services

    We'll make sure that your insurance company knows what happened and how much it will cost to fix. You can rest easy knowing we are working with them on getting you back up again, so you don't have any surprises after the work is done!

  • Insurance Claim Assistance for Different Damages

    Our professional team will work with your insurance company to bill for all kinds of storm damage insurance claims: Tornado, Hurricane, Wind, Hail, Flood, Roof, and much more. We also assist in issuance claims for other kinds of damages such as fire damage, water damage, mold damage, etc.

  • Work Directly With Your Insurance Company

    When we work with your insurance company, you can be sure that the process will go smoothly. We'll come to an agreement on coverage for our restoration services in no time!

  • Code Upgrades

    We'll get your insurance company on the phone to verify what they cover, and we’ll work with you so that any repairs or replacements are covered. We also have a team of experts who can offer affordable code upgrades for things not covered by their policies.

  • Properties We Service

    We provide service for both residential and commercial properties. Commercial properties we restore include Office Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Churches, Schools, Day Care Centers, Apartments, Health Care Facilities, Assisted Living, Rental, and many more.

Choose Eldridge Restoration to Assist with Insurance Claims for Your Houston Area Home or Business

There are many reasons why Eldridge Restoration is the company to contact for assistance with insurance claims in the Houston area. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Professional Service
  • Available 24/7 Everyday
  • Quick Response Time
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • FREE Inspections
  • FREE Estimates
  • Insurance Billed Direct
  • IIRC Certified Crews
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment

So to get the best storm damage restoration and free insurance claim assistance package for your home or business call us today at 832-371-9838 or contact us online. Our 24/7 client service representatives will be there to help you in no time.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

We help your family or business rebuild after a natural disaster. Services include Insurance Loss Claims and guidance through trying times.

  • Accidents Happen
    • We assist in the insurance claim process to minimize stressful times.
    • Find Out What’s Covered
    • Inspect The Damages
    • Provide Photo Report
    • Contact Insurance

Over 25 Years of Experience in The Restoration Industry.

Since being founded in 1998, the conception of Eldridge Restoration has been committed to true excellence in the roofing, restoration & exterior remodeling industry. Each member of our knowledgeable team strives daily to deliver professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and first-class service to our homeowners.

Eldridge Restoration, is proud to be a family-owned & operated company serving Houston, Spring, Cypress, and all other surrounding areas, while never losing sight of professionalism and the importance of quality craftsmanship at honest pricing. We individually and as a family stand firmly behind our company motto: “People before Profit.”

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A Quality Restoration Contractor
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