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Mold Remediation & Mold Removal in Houston & Nearby

Mold can cause all sorts of health problems, including respiratory issues or allergies. Luckily for you we have an expert team here at Eldridge Restoration that has been trained on how best to help remove mold from wherever it may be lurking. We use quality equipment so as not to damage anything while we work! We serve the Houston area and are licensed by the State of Texas for Mold Remediation.

If you're interested in having your home or business cleaned up for mold, we can give an estimate based on the assessment and remediation needs. We don't make these determinations without first consulting with an environmental company who will create a protocol to handle them accordingly if necessary!

Mold Remediation Services

Mold Remediation Services for Houston Residents & Neighbors

Committed to the safety of your home or office, Eldridge Restoration provides a comprehensive range of services that include removal and cleanup as well as repair for mold damage.

  • Work Directly with Your Insurance to file your claim 
  • Perform Mold Removal, Clean-Up, Dry-Out and Repair
  • Provide Contents Restoration and Storage
  • Complete Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation
  • Provide Demolition, Construction & Reconstruction
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Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, And Mold Testing

Eldridge Restoration provides mold removal and cleanup as well as repair.

  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Restoration
  • Textiles
  • Storm Damage / Hail Damage
  • IICRC Certified Master Restorer
Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, And Mold Testing

Mold Cleanup Process

Eldridge Restoration's mold removal technicians follow our methodical and well-planned mold abatement and remediation process to clean up mold and repair your property to your satisfaction.

Mold Cleanup Process
  • Examine Mold Damage - We use advanced moisture-meter equipment to measure moisture in your floors, walls, ceilings, and cabinets. We then use infrared cameras to identify the origin and the extent of the damage.
  • Extract, Remove, and Dry Water Immediately - Our mold removal professionals use commercial-grade dehumidifiers and water removal and extraction equipment to dry out your floors, carpets, cabinets, and walls to contain damage and abate mold spread and growth.
  • Secure Affected Area - To prevent mold spores from spreading, the contaminated area is sealed off using plastic sheeting. We then create negative air pressure to direct the mold away from indoor space.
  • Dispose of Affected Components and Materials - Some materials will need to be disposed of, such as: ceiling tiles; insulation; wall boards; carpet; soft furnishings; clothes; papers; and books. Non-porous metals, glass and hard plastics may be cleaned and reused. Depending on the degree of mold damage, semi porous wood may be cleaned up by drying, sanding, and treating with an environmentally safe anti-microbial solvent before reusing.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition System Treatment - Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and crawl spaces will be treated with HEPA filtration to remove remaining mold particles after they are dried and cleaned. 
  • Whole House Mold Disinfection - Negative ions (electrically-charged particles) are used to remove airborne contaminates which is how we disinfect your home from mold spores.
  • Mold Damage Repair and Restoration-  Eldridge Restoration's professional mold removal crews are skilled in restoring and repairing structures that have been compromised by mold.

Our Recent Projects

Eldridge Restoration is Licensed by the State of Texas for Mold Remediation

Our restoration teams are trained professionals with years of experience in mold remediation. We have been in the mold abatement and remediation business for nearly 30 years and are licensed by the state of Texas to perform mold removal and remediation. Our licensed mold removal technicians will alleviate your concerns with practical mold abatement information and answer your mold clean-up questions and put your mind at ease. 

Mold can cause serious illness, and the Texas Board of Mold Inspectors has strict licensing requirements to protect consumers. For instance in order for one company to perform both inspections and remediations on a property at once is against the law because they are dealing with different types or kinds of toxins--unscrupulous companies would just report any findings as needed so their customers think it's necessary work when really there was no need.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

We help your family or business rebuild after a natural disaster. Services include Insurance Loss Claims and guidance through trying times.

  • Accidents Happen
    • We assist in the insurance claim process to minimize stressful times.
    • Find Out What’s Covered
    • Inspect The Damages
    • Provide Photo Report
    • Contact Insurance

Over 25 Years of Experience in The Restoration Industry.

Since being founded in 1998, the conception of Eldridge Restoration has been committed to true excellence in the roofing, restoration & exterior remodeling industry. Each member of our knowledgeable team strives daily to deliver professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and first-class service to our homeowners.

Eldridge Restoration, is proud to be a family-owned & operated company serving Houston, Spring, Cypress, and all other surrounding areas, while never losing sight of professionalism and the importance of quality craftsmanship at honest pricing. We individually and as a family stand firmly behind our company motto: “People before Profit.”

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